Sarah Vevers' headshot
Self-Tape Atelier are the best self-taping company around! As soon as you walk in you feel instantly relaxed and like everything has been taken care of. Miles and Beccy give a great performance when they read, which means you can relax and be truly in the moment. They also know exactly what agents and casting directors are looking for both in the UK and the US so you can fully trust that they’re going to give you a tape that everyone will be more than pleased with. They really know how to light you best for your skin tone. The quality of the tapes are second to none!
Sarah Vevers
Sope Dirisu's headshot
Self-Tape Atelier have been an absolute God-send. We’d all rather be in the room with the director or casting director, making a human impression, and STA help to create that environment perfectly by just being human beings, rather than just a self-tape churning business. The reason I’ll use them again and again is that they give you the freedom to be playful and the patience to ease you into doing your best work. They’ll help you interrogate your decisions and push you in the direction that you’re trying to achieve, rather than redirecting the scene out of your control. I trust Miles and Rebecca with my career and look forward to using them again soon!
Sope Dirisu
Peter Bankolé's headshot
Miles and Beccy have what I can only describe as a professional set up. A high quality camera, great lighting, sound and a positive working environment. Their feedback is very honest and constructive. They provide everything that the actor needs in order to produce the finished product. I highly recommend them for anyone who is serious about their craft.
Peter Bankolé
Joanna Vanderham's headshot
Taping with Beccy and Miles takes any stress out of self-tapes: they’re easy to read opposite and give really great notes because of their own acting talents and experience. They give you confidence and make it fun! Their taping set up and editing produces high quality auditions that both my UK and US reps have been really impressed by.
Joanna  Vanderham
Diana Yekinni's headshot
I thoroughly enjoy using this company. They are not just filming your tape but are also helpful in directing you and giving constructive criticism when asked. I have struggled in the past with lighting being a dark-skinned woman but they made me look lush! They run a very efficient service and it’s a comfortable environment to create and essentially book that job!
Diana Yekinni
Elliot Barnes-Worrell's headshot
Easily the best self-taping experience I’ve ever had. The equipment is high quality, they are patient with you and are both actors so act opposite you. The feedback from my American team was brilliant. Doing a tape with these guys makes me feel like I have an edge. This is my new home for self-tapes.
Elliot Barnes-Worrell
Melissa Barnes' headshot
Filming my self-tape with STA was stress-free and calm. It's exactly what's needed in what can be a very stressful situation, especially with last minute tapes. The conversation about how I saw the scene aided the character development, and open dialogue with direction allowed me to create a high quality self-tape.
Melissa Barnes
Jordan Dawes' headshot
This is hands down the best tape I've ever produced. When I watched it back I was actually shocked at the difference in quality to my tapes. With their tapes, Miles and Beccy were able to draw out the kind of performance as actors we strive to deliver. Also, if you've only got the sides at 9:00pm the night before and are struggling to remember the lines, they have ways of helping you overcome that. They also give great direction. Definitely worth the investment. I will be back!
Jordan Dawes
Olivia Chenery's headshot
I always find that my best self-tapes are the ones when I have really engaging actors to read with, and Beccy and Miles are exactly that. Because of their vast experiences in the acting world, on-screen and off, they really know their stuff. They understand what the actor needs in the moment and because of this, they get the best performance out of you and the end product is so high quality. Their sessions are focused, professional and brilliant. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.
Olivia Chenery